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FWC’s review of penalty rates

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. The Fair Work Act provides that the Fair Work Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards predominantly to decide whether or not a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objectives. The decision announced on 23 February, 2017 to reduce in many cases,

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New Year, new opportunities

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. Well hello and welcome to 2017! A New Year often brings with it the excitement of everything “new”; like beginnings, energy, ideas, enthusiasm and motivation - a fresh page so to speak. For those of us operating our own business a new year often brings up the

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So this is Christmas

by Heidi Bishop - Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group As we hurtle towards another Christmas take a moment to reflect that this may not be a season filled with joy and sparkly things for everyone around us. That is not to take the shine off your preparations, expectations or celebratory mood, it’s just that

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We are family – or are we?

It’s recognised in our lives and wider community, that everyone has a diverse, broad and varied definition of “family”.   Traditionally speaking, immediate family is your parents, siblings, partner and children and a family can be described as being either nuclear or blended.  All family relationships outside of these two –generation unit are more commonly known

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Having that difficult conversation

How do you feel about initiating difficult conversations? I personally don’t mind conflict if it’s healthy, safe and if it results in positive change.  Many people however like to avoid conflict so will often be fearful at the prospect of having “the talk” with employees or colleagues about productivity or workplace related issues.  It is

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$33bn – cost of absenteeism

There is still sadly, a culture within Australia that celebrates and accepts “taking a sickie” as being the norm or employees that have the impression that they have it accumulated so why not take it? Who’s it going to hurt?  Well it hurts the hip pocket of business owners to the tune of $ 33

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$0.5bn annually for work-related mental health claims

The recent Work-related disorders profile 2015 report by Safe Work Australia notes that work-related mental health disorders costs the Australian economy close to half a billion dollars annually in workers’ compensation claims. This sum is staggering when you put this in context of the adverse impact the workplace can have on a worker’s mental health.

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Make Your Workplace Safe from Drugs and Alcohol

You don’t have to look far these days to hear or see the words “drugs and alcohol” being discussed in our social circles or reported in the media. As a mother of young children, I’ll openly admit that I am petrified of the ice epidemic and other chemically designed and altered drugs that are out

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It was great until…

  “Sensitivity to others is no trivial skill; rather, it is a truly precious human ability.  But it isn’t complex: it requires receptiveness to other people and a willingness to listen.” (James Kouzes and Barry Posner) (This blog is an excerpt from “The People Investment”, by Michalle Faulkner) In any business, when we are talking

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Anti-bullying – a year in review

Bullying in the workplace is counter-productive and costly for employers if left unchecked. The Fair Work Commission's (FWC) anti-bullying jurisdiction came into effect from the 1 January, 2014. After a full year in force, it’s interesting to reflect on the outcomes and the lessons or takeaways for employers. From when it came into

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