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I am the Managing Director of the EastCoast Human Resource Group and a senior Human Resource Management practitioner with more than 25 years experience gained in Building, Construction and Labour Hire industries. In addition to my business and human resource management experience, I hold dual qualifications as a workplace health and safety officer (construction and services) and now as a practicing safety officer. I am also a qualified Workplace Trainer & Assessor and Internal Auditor of Quality Systems including AS/NZS 9001:2008 and AS/NZS 4801- OHS Management Systems

To be informed is to be empowered

My husband has a wonderful relaxed attitude and often when issues crop up can be heard to say, “I’m sure everything will be alright”, “don’t stress”, or “no point worrying about it, what will be, will be”. When talking with clients we also sometimes hear this same very relaxed philosophy toward staffing matters and their

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Let it go, let it go

As any HR practitioner will tell you, a lot of our time and energy is often spent on conflict be that mediation, dispute resolution or providing performance counselling with employees around workplace behaviours. While this is not a pleasant experience for the employees involved, it’s made much easier when the parties are genuinely self-reflective, can

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Is your nanny your employee?

Traditional methods of child care and support aren’t always suitable for everyone. Engaging a nanny or an au pair supports families who struggle to access child care services, particularly if they work night shifts, non-standard hours, or live in remote areas or away from existing child care facilities. The cost and accessibility of child care

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We are family – or are we?

It’s recognised in our lives and wider community, that everyone has a diverse, broad and varied definition of “family”.   Traditionally speaking, immediate family is your parents, siblings, partner and children and a family can be described as being either nuclear or blended.  All family relationships outside of these two –generation unit are more commonly known

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Having that difficult conversation

How do you feel about initiating difficult conversations? I personally don’t mind conflict if it’s healthy, safe and if it results in positive change.  Many people however like to avoid conflict so will often be fearful at the prospect of having “the talk” with employees or colleagues about productivity or workplace related issues.  It is

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$33bn – cost of absenteeism

There is still sadly, a culture within Australia that celebrates and accepts “taking a sickie” as being the norm or employees that have the impression that they have it accumulated so why not take it? Who’s it going to hurt?  Well it hurts the hip pocket of business owners to the tune of $ 33

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Gender parity and its link to family violence in the workplace

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) was PledgeForParity – a renewed call by women for equality in all areas of social, economic, cultural and political participation in the wake of a slow down towards gender parity efforts in many countries. On the Sunshine Coast however, for two consecutive years’ commemorations surrounding International

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$0.5bn annually for work-related mental health claims

The recent Work-related disorders profile 2015 report by Safe Work Australia notes that work-related mental health disorders costs the Australian economy close to half a billion dollars annually in workers’ compensation claims. This sum is staggering when you put this in context of the adverse impact the workplace can have on a worker’s mental health.

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Stemming the cost of unwanted staff attrition

“The most successful companies locally are all staffed by motivated people – motivated people are consistently core to high performance” - Michael Rennie, Director with McKinsey & Company. One of the largest contributing costs to thinning the bottom line is the cost of labour – be it, hiring, firing, retirement, poor performance or the unwanted

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EastCoast Joins Seasonal Workers Programme

PRESS RELEASE The EastCoast Human Resource Group (ECHRG) is proud to join an exclusive list of approved employers (AE) for the seasonal workers programme (SWP). “By becoming an approved employer, we are now in a better position to assist eligible farmers and business operators in Queensland as well as other states with finding suitable workers

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