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There is pride in work…..

I have always had the firm belief that there is pride in work.  Regardless of the type of job you have, the industry you work in, the title or lack thereof or the tasks you are doing whether they are very important or mundane.  Being fit and able to work and as a result earning

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“Why can’t we all just get along?”

Each of our workplaces is a wonderful microcosm of different personalities, personal values systems and communication styles – what could possibly go wrong? “Hold my beer!!...….” Plenty in actual fact can go wrong and will go wrong from time to time despite best laid plans and intensions. Fundamentally as humans we are all inherently unique,

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We should never assume……….

We should never assume………. Earlier this year I joined the Gym.  Scary but true!  First time in many (cough cough) years and to say I was daunted by the prospect was an understatement – too much of the good life and not spending enough time moving my body has made me, well let’s just say

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Social Media and Bullying

Social Media whether you love it or loathe it has permeated our society firmly entrenching itself into our lives and those of many of our friends, family and social circles. Whilst many of us use social media to keep in contact with loved ones, to share exciting news and celebrate life’s milestones much has been

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Staying Sun Safe when Working Outdoors

Humid enough for you?  Welcome to what is traditionally the hottest part of the year where even seasoned  locals are hot and bothered by the energy sapping tropical humidity. Whilst many of us are lucky enough to work in air-conditioned comfort all day, spare a thought for those working outdoors in the heat all day,

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Placing the Spotlight on Sexual Harassment

Placing the Spotlight on Sexual Harassment Many people are shocked and appalled with what seems to be almost daily allegations of sexual harassment involving high profile individuals and industries. Sexual harassment does not discriminate against age, beauty, gender, ethnicity, job title, industry or socio economic factors, it festers where there is a lack of basic

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There are many ways to Celebrate Christmas ….

Christmas is a time of year where we all like to celebrate different traditions. Some traditions might be culturally driven, some by religious beliefs and others may be more of a quirky family tradition or we simply shout “Ba Humbug” and take a break from society for a couple of weeks to avoid it all.

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Fair Work Changes to Protect Vulnerable Workers

The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 came into effect on the 15th September 2017. This means new, higher penalties for breaches of employee record keeping and ‘serious contraventions’ of workplace laws (this includes breaches of the National Employment Standards, Modern Award provisions, Enterprise Agreements, National Minimum wage and the method and frequency

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Start the conversations

Right so let’s recap our last few blogs and action items -you’ve become more engaged in your life and given up your seat on the “I’m so busy being busy” bandwagon, you’re enjoying a more balanced state of mindfulness, enriched relationships  and enhanced overall health and well-being. In addition to all of those amazing benefits

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Are you ok?

Following on from our call to action in our last blog, what decisions and changes have you made to facilitate personally getting off the “busy being busy” bandwagon? Making the decision to prioritise where you spend your time, energy and focus is no doubt paying dividends right now with improvements to your overall health and

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