Industrial Relations & HR Consultancy Services

Think you can't afford a HR Manager? Think Again...

As one of the best HR consulting firms in QLD,  EastCoast Human Resource Group solves your people problems, one workplace at a time.

Whether you need assistance with finding the right people, filling a permanent or temporary staff shortage, or you are challenged by a complex “people” issue, our IR and HR consulting firm can help. You will be surprised at just how affordable an outsourced Human Resource staffing option is for your business.

Our professional and experienced staff recruitment Consultants assist our clients with all their people needs including employee engagement and performance, change management, human resource systems development, industrial relations and workplace health and safety.

Research shows that employees mainly leave organisations due to the company’s inability or unwillingness to provide a strong work culture, professional development and career paths, challenge, stimulation, incentives or support.

This is where we shine. Our Human Resource Consultants offer value added HR consultancy services and deliverables in terms of strategic Human Resource systems development, organisational flexibility, employee quality, skill levels and cost effectiveness which, when applied in a focused and consistent way, can positively influence your organisation’s overall culture and ultimately its performance.

  • Competency Development, Key Milestones and Metrics, KPI Development, Surveys
  • Career Development Plans
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Including the development, implementation and facilitation of performance review process, with reporting
  • Engagement Strategy Development
  • Staff Surveys
  • Contract Award Reviews, Rates, Entitlements and Lawful Dismissals, Conflict Resolution
  • Preparation of Employer responses to adverse actions
  • Client advocate in circumstances such as defending unfair dismissal claims
  • Drafting of, and negotiations regarding, EBA’s
  • Human Resource Policies
  • Business Management Policies
  • Development of Manuals
  • Capability analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Skills Audits
  • Competency Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Preparation of Business Management Manuals to comply with relevant Quality Standard
  • Facilitation of Internal Audits
  • Liaisons with external parties for third party certification
  • Support provided to implement self assessed quality assurance systems
  • Job Evaluations/Sizing/Grading Structures
  • Executive compensation Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Position (Job) Description reviews
  • Preparation of detailed feedback with recommendations, priorities and action plans
  • Including Risk Assessments and Audits, and Hazard Identification
  • Facilitation of Safety Meetings
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plan’s
  • Preparation of Safe Work Method Statements
  • Measurement, Profiling, 360 Degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence
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