Our experienced Consultants assist with all your people needs including employee engagement & performance, change management and Human Resource system development.

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Employing a Recruitment Agency to solve your current resourcing needs can be fraught with danger, and costly if you do not do your homework.

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EastCoast HR is the Coast’s leading provider of professional practical Industrial Relations and people related soft skills training.

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At EastCoast HR we believe in going the extra mile for our candidates and seek to amaze. We believe that our candidates are an asset to our brand.

Welcome to the EastCoast HR Consulting Firm & Recruitment Agency

EastCoast Human Resource Group (EastCoast HR) is a full-spectrum Labour Recruitment & Human Resources Consulting Agency, drawing on extensive resources, expertise and capabilities.

Our HR consultancy and recruitment firm partner with organisations to link their people and their business strategy, paving the way to sustainable Human Resource practices that drive results.

The EastCoast HR Group consists of a group of highly experienced Recruitment Professionals and HR Consulting Specialists whose expertise spans human resource methodologies, end-to-end Permanent, Executive Recrutiment and Temporary Recruitment solutions, and practical sustainable Human Resource solutions for business. The work that we do is centred around enabling organisations to be proactive and strategic about their people.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies in Queensland

Why do job seekers and businesses turn to labour hire agencies? Although this is a big question with many facets to it, for most, it is about finding a perfect match for both the business and the job seeker. Sounds simple enough, because this is the result everyone hopes to achieve, but if that goal alone is all that drives an agency, there is a problem. Both candidates and businesses who call in the services of recruitment agencies in Queensland should have big expectations, and whomever you turn to should deliver.

  • Comprehensive service offering. Ask yourself whether potential employment recruitment agencies offer a full bouquet of services, or do they merely serve to respond, find, and place. EastCoast HR Group focuses on four key areas to fully service the industry: workforce labour hire and recruitment, consulting, training, and servicing job seekers. When a business approaches us, we want to travel a journey with them and assist them in all their people needs, such as skills training or requesting the assistance of our consultants for guidance in employee matters. At the same time, we understand the importance of our candidates in achieving a business strategy and adding significant value. As such, we value them and make it our job to find the best fit.
  • Experience matters. It is ideal to seek the services of labour hire and recruitment agencies and to select them carefully based on their experience within the industry, their consultant’s knowledge and experience and their business insights into numerous sectors. This experience has fostered understanding and invaluable learning curves. Time counts in favour of recruitment agencies as it implies that multiple lessons have been learned and insights gained that is to the benefit of everyone who works with them.
  • The importance of being personable. Being approachable and understanding that you are working with people, for people is imperative. When it comes to employment, we play a vital role in advancing a candidate’s career and enabling them to live out their professional passions. Without being approachable, we cannot forge a relationship to ensure we match their needs and expectations with those of our clients. The same rings true for the businesses that seek our services.

Fast Facts About Employment Firms and Recruitment Agencies

When seeking employment via a labour hire agency or when turning to us to find the right candidate consider the following:

  • Agencies should have a long-term outlook and focus on walking a path with both candidates and clients. The journey does not stop abruptly once after making the match.
  • Identify the business strategy of your clients to determine how best you can service their needs to ensure results are aligned with this strategy.
  • Providing training for businesses is invaluable to increase performance and drive results. The training we provide is invaluable for companies.

If you need in-house training, access to our extensive resources and assistance with employment matters, don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

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