Workshops for Business Owners & Managers

EastCoast HR is the Sunshine Coast’s leading provider of professional practical industrial relations, HR solutions and people related soft skills training.

Our comprehensive workshops for business owners and managers are facilitated by industry experts to provide insightful practical education tailored to the needs of large, medium and small business owners. As well as people leaders and individuals who have responsibility for all things Human Resource related in their workplace.

Our Employment Relations Masterclass Series covers topical subject matter that is relevant in any industry or any workplace encompassing the full employment cycle from setting the right foundations (navigating the right side of Industrial Relations) setting your employees up for success and ending the employment relationship… the right way.

Our business skills workshops are limited to 8 participants so you’ll maximise your learning outcomes to be able to implement the principles in your unique work environment as well as understand the challenges other workplaces face.


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Introductory Workshops for business owners & Managers

Employment Relations Fundamentals

This interactive business training program will guide participants through the relevant employment legislation and guiding principles in relation to the engagement of employees. Participants will also grasp compliance obligations to mitigate risk and discover the benefits of effective Employee Relations foundations.

Setting Your Team up for Success

This interactive program will provide participants with guiding principles and best practice to appropriately manage the ‘employment life cycle’, build a healthy workplace culture and optimise employee engagement and to mitigate risk when it comes to managing under performance.

Everyday HR Conversations

“It’s not what you say it’s how you say it.” Having the ability to hold an authentic conversation with an employee is a definite life skill and in this workshop you’ll be provided with tips, tools and techniques to address emerging patterns of behaviour that really need to be addressed such as lateness, absenteeism, “attitude” and other sensitive matters. Taking a collaborative approach rather than one of conflict will give you a much better outcome.

Managing Workplace Behaviour and Risk

Gain an understanding of the spirit and intent of legislation covering standards of behaviour in the workplace, what is bullying? what’s a hostile work environment? when’s a joke not a joke? This workshop explores strategies to mitigate risky behaviour including how you establish a healthy workplace culture and apply early interventions to address potentially risky behaviour.

Enrich Your Business Skills - Workshops

New Manager / Supervisor Skills (full day – tailored to client requirements)

Taking on your first people management role? This workshop will provide you with practical tips, tools and techniques to transition from being part of the team to leading the team.  You’ll explore and gain insights into your leadership style, your communication style and how to adapt to individual styles of team members.

Addressing Workplace Behavioural Risk

Are there deteriorating relationships within your team? Do you have a grievance on your hands? You’ll gain practical strategies to be able to handle workplace grievances, set expectations of appropriate behaviour between individuals who are struggling to work together professionally and how to address individuals who have breached your policies or behavioural standards. Having the expertise to professionally address these matters internally makes good business sense.

Advanced Workshops for large and small business owners

Mitigating Unfair Dismissal Claims

This workshop will provide you with an understanding of the spirit and intent of employment legislation to ensure you are fairly and reasonably managing individual non- performance or behavioural issues. You’ll gain clarity around the key elements Fairwork take into account when considering an unfair dismissal claim and therefore how to mitigate your risk.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Having open conversations around mental health in a workplace is far more commonplace and acceptable which is really healthy, however it does present unique challenges for many line managers and leaders as to how they and the organisation should respond. Most leaders aren’t trained mental health care professionals so this workshop will outline how to have conversations beyond “Are U OK?”, understand your obligations if someone  does make a disclosure and how to manage non-performance.

Workplace Investigations (full day workshop)

Undertaking an investigation in an appropriate timely and procedurally fair manner will mitigate business risk as well as deliver better outcomes for the parties directly involved and the broader organisation. Gain valuable strategies, tools and techniques to conduct an investigation into allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour such as bullying, sexual harassment or other serious matters.