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As one of the leading HR consultancy temporary staffing firms in SE QLD, our temp work recruiters provide both blue and white collar temporary hire solutions. We can generally find and place someone with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Reasons you may require Temporary Labour Hire from EastCoast HR Temp Agency

Labour Hire
The use of temporary staff enables your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations. The calibre of our candidates that we refer can provide specialised skills to all types of industries.
The value of using temp staff or temp labour hire, is the greater level of flexibility and control that it offers a business. We support our clients with extra or short term staffing solutions during peaks and troughs of your business workflow.

At EastCoast our permanent and HR temp agency is making it easier than ever before to hire staff

Southeast Queensland’s Leading Labour Hire Company

If suitable qualification and availability were the only criteria for hiring staff, life would be so much easier. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple and straightforward as that, and that is why you need the services of a professional labour-hire company for all your company’s practical labour solutions in Brisbane and beyond.

Finding the right candidate for your position, regardless of how menial – or vital, for that matter – is essential to the successful running of your company. Making use of a professional labour-hire agency will save you many headaches and money in the long run. We are the local industry professionals in labour-hire and employment services, counting some of the country’s most prominent companies among our valued customers.

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What You Can Expect from EastCoast HR Group Regarding Labour Hire in Sunshine Coast

The labour force is an essential resource for your business, forming the core of your service offering to your customers. Choosing suitable candidates who are sufficiently qualified and duly experienced and dedicated can mean the difference between success and failure. We are a local industry leader in staff recruitment, with an extensive candidate list.

  • Our team is highly professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of staff recruitment. We go the extra mile to understand your company, the nature of your services, and your specific labour requirements, pairing only the most relevant and outstanding candidates with your company.
  • We have been active in the local and national HR industry for over 35 years. Our longstanding service is a testament to the exceptional quality of our work. We pride ourselves on not only doing our best but being the best.
  • Our absolute dedication to professionalism and excellence is what sets us apart from other companies. No two HR projects are identical, and we constantly endeavour to provide a highly personalised service of the highest standard.

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Related Services We Provide to Labour Hire Companies

We offer a comprehensive range of professional Human Resources services to companies in the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia, taking care of all their staff-related requirements, from recruiting capable and experienced staff through all the stages of employment.

  • We offer professional employment services, including the recruitment of permanent staff and temporary labour hire. We also offer a top-rated and effective seasonal labour-hire programme. Whatever your staffing requirements, we have the ideal solution for you.
  • We keep an extensive list of professionally vetted and screened candidates with skills, qualifications, and experience across a wide range of industries. If you are looking for staff, whether temporary or permanent, regardless of experience and qualification level, chances are we already have the perfect candidate for you on our books.
  • We offer professional payroll administration services for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking complete control over both the costs involved and the processes related to the payroll function. Rest assured that we will handle all your payroll administration in a timeous fashion that is fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

About EastCoast HR Group

We are the leading provider of professional HR services in Southeast Queensland, with over 35 years of service to local and national companies to boot. Our service offering is comprehensive and covers every aspect of the HR function. We enjoy wide acclaim as the leading provider of HR training and education in the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Our innovative subscription-based consultancy service gives your company access to an even more comprehensive range of HR services ranging from policy development to dispute resolution, termination of service, and everything in between.

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