Looking for Job Agencies with a Difference?

Find out why you should choose EastCoast HR Group to provide your business' HR staffing solutions

As one of the first job agencies established on the Sunshine Coast, EastCoast HR Group has dedicated itself to constantly staying abreast of industry developments, improving and keeping services up-to-date, and ultimately differentiating itself from other recruitment agencies.

The bar is set high when it comes to providing unparalleled HR staffing solutions to businesses on the Sunshine Coast and further afield across QLD including Wide Bay Burnett, Fraser Coast and other regions.

Providing outsourced HR services requires extensive resources, industry experience, local knowledge, insights, people skills and know-how in various business sectors. This is what our recruitment agency strives to deliver in a personable and transparent manner.

How to achieve effective HR outsourcing for your particular business depends on the nuances of the industry sector you operate within, and the needs of your business. 

Our HR recruitment agency can alleviate your staffing concerns

Requesting the services of a job agency to fill your employee resourcing needs is never an easy endeavour and can be costly if unsuccessful. But, when done right, outsourcing HR is much more affordable than many employers think.

Our  labour hire company recognises the challenges businesses face and can  minimise the risks of pursuing HR outsourcing services.

Our professional recruitment team of consultants engages with business owners and managers to:

  • Understand their business and staffing needs.
  • Drill-down into what type of staffing solution is required to ensure the most value-adding candidates are selected.
  • Organise a HR outsourcing completion schedule to manage HR outsourcing costs.  

Our general and executive recruiters take great pride in the praise oft received for the lengths our job agency goes to in exceeding expectations. You can expect high-quality  candidates sourced and easy, open communication every step of the way.

Our labour hire company assists with all your business’ “people” needs 

Our HR employment agency solves people problems, whether simple or complex, short-term or long-term.

Aside from permanent and temporary staffing services, our human resource agency also provides outsourced payroll services and industrial and people-related soft skills training for any type of workplace operating on the Sunshine Coast.

Whether it’s leaders within an organisation, or individuals responsible for the company’s HR, our knowledgeable team provides job training targeted towards your business’ specific needs.

If you outsource payroll processes and administration to us, you are freed up to focus on what really matters within your business. Payroll outsourced services saves you time, ensures you are compliant and that your payroll is accurate.

Job training workshops offered by our HR employment agency

  • Everyday HR conversations.
  • New manager/supervisor skills.
  • Managing mental health in the workplace.

When considering the above, we encourage you to contact our HR agency to discuss your needs. We are always open to negotiating price and we welcome, and pride ourselves, on open communication and transparency.