Career Consulting by Career Coach, Kate Langford

kate langford career coachLooking for experienced and highly knowledgeable employment consultants?

EastCoast HR Group are happy to refer you to Career Coach Kate Langford, Founder and Principal Career Consultant at Kate Langford Career Consulting based on Sunshine Coast.

She has over 15 years of professional work experience as a leading Search & Selection Recruiter, HR Manager, as well as immense experience managing some of the top, leading permanent and temp recruitment agencies across Australia. With this incite and real experience, she she gained amazing insight into the job searching QLD market, and job search markets further afield across the nation. She can advise on how best to present yourself to help secure your dream job and much more.

Kate Langford has a proven track record of providing successful career consulting services to her clients because she truly understands the candidate vs employer relationship and the effects it has on the job recruitment process. She has a real passion to be able to help people move through such an important part of their life to find the right job for them, which effects ALL other areas of their lives!

With her passion and experience combined, it allows her to bring a unique perspective to her clients. She understands exactly what employers are searching for when it comes to talent, resumes, interviews, negotiations and more!

Kate says it is not just about being able to work out your skill-set, writing the best resume, knowing how to search for a job or having interview skills, it is about YOU bringing the best version of YOURSELF to the table and showing employers what you are made of and why they should hire YOU!

For more information on her employment consulting services, please refer to Kate’s website.