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FWC’s review of penalty rates

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. The Fair Work Act provides that the Fair Work Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards predominantly to decide whether or not a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objectives. The decision announced on 23 February, 2017 to reduce in many cases,

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Welcome to the world of work!

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. Congratulations to first timers entering the workforce in 2017 and welcome to the reality of gainful employment for the next 40 plus years! A few of us in the office were chatting about how exciting it is for graduates of 2016 embarking on their careers and joining

EastCoast Joins Seasonal Workers Programme

PRESS RELEASE The EastCoast Human Resource Group (ECHRG) is proud to join an exclusive list of approved employers (AE) for the seasonal workers programme (SWP). “By becoming an approved employer, we are now in a better position to assist eligible farmers and business operators in Queensland as well as other states with finding suitable workers

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Productivity and Social Media at Work

There is no escaping it.  Social media is everywhere and a major part of most of your employees’ lives and these days - most businesses.  It is very rare nowadays to find a business that is not trying to engage with their clients and customers through social media avenues. But in a world where everything

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