My husband has a wonderful relaxed attitude and often when issues crop up can be heard to say, “I’m sure everything will be alright”, “don’t stress”, or “no point worrying about it, what will be, will be”.

When talking with clients we also sometimes hear this same very relaxed philosophy toward staffing matters and their employee relations. Comments like “we don’t have to worry about any HR issues”, “our team is great” and “everyone gets along really well” or “I didn’t think that applies to my business”.

It might be okay to feel that way and apply a laid back style to how manage your HR/IR affairs within your business especially when things seem to be going well with your staff. But as a business owner or manager of people, can we afford to take such a relaxed attitude toward employee matters when the risk to business operationally and possibly financially is so high?

There are so many compliance obligations and responsibilities on employers – from our industrial relations obligations through to the obligations under work health and safety legislation – it can be a minefield to navigate. Throw in that the Sunshine Coast is the home of small business many of us wear multiple hats so it’s easy to see how our systems and sometimes compliance can be neglected.

At EastCoast we have a philosophy of People Investment. We believe that if you are informed you are empowered.  We advocate that clients and business owners having the relevant compliance information at hand, ensures that they can then develop sound HR systems and platforms for business growth but also be compliant and minimising risk of costly adverse action.

The only way to provide yourself with this information is to be educated and informed through on-going professional development.

Don’t fear – help is here!   We’ve listened to you, our clients and the small business owners of the Sunshine Coast.  We know you want to be informed about employment relations in a way that is practical, easily applied but most importantly, relevant to your business operations.  We also know that you don’t want to have to go to Brisbane to get it!

In making your training investment wisely we also know, that it is essential to choose the most in-depth and value added training available.   It gives us great pleasure to announce our exciting new practical workshops around employment relations compliance – The Employment Relations Masterclass Series.

Our Employment Relations Masterclasses are facilitated by our senior consultants who are specialists in their areas of expertise and who can provide you with high value, relevant content, real business scenarios and case studies, and practical result focused outcomes.

Participants will enjoy a small intimate training environment with class numbers limited to six participants and each master class shall include a 15 minute networking opportunity to engage and interact with likeminded business owners and managers.

Whether you are a novice or have some experience in employee relations, we have the workshop content to suit.

We include the whole suite of classes that cover the employment cycle including ER101, Recruitment, Managing Everyday HR Conversations, Addressing Workplace Behavioural Risk, Mitigating Unfair Dismissal Claims, Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace – what you need to know, or Workplace Investigations being informed will allow you to manage your employment matters with a stress free attitude because you will have all of the compliance covered. Each class is a half-day investment.

Our workshop calendar to be released soon with workshops commencing mid to late September. For further information please contact our office on (07) 5443 6022.

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