Let’s just take a moment…….ahhh doesn’t it feel good to just “be”?

It seems like there is a growing epidemic of “I’m so busy, being busy” in our workplaces, home lives and society in general. The constant fast pace of our modern lives is not only exhausting but it can have a direct effect on our individual health and well- being along with impacting our significant relationships.

When’s the last time you took a moment to savour your coffee instead of gulping it down between phone calls? to admire the view from your office window instead of being oblivious to even the weather out there? or being present in a conversation rather than adding an inappropriate “that’s nice” when a family member shares they aren’t feeling themselves lately?

Lost moments don’t come back, that is the reality. Each day we have choices on where and how we spend our 24 hours -what we personally deem to have importance and priority is where we devote the majority of our time and is the focus of our energy. Simple.

Take stock of what is important to you to feel healthy, grounded, engaged in your own life, immersed in your family and community. Is “busy being busy” meeting those needs or the needs of your loved ones?

I know this is all easier said than done in a society that attempts to demand our time and attention around the clock.  It may take some simple reflection; often we don’t realise we have fallen into some pretty ordinary patterns. It may take some tougher measures like learning to say “no” or it may take a complete epiphany to change our life long beliefs on what is really important to us to refocus our priorities.

Taking care of your own health and well -being has an enormous effect on your own mental health, enriching your relationships and enjoyment of life.

How will you spend your 1440 minutes today? A bit of self -nurturing and love would be a great start.

I’m off for a walk to be part of that view out of my office window!

By Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant

Let’s just take a moment…….ahhh doesn’t it feel good to just “be”?

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