Benefits of Recruiting with us

Employing a recruitment agency to solve your current resourcing needs can be fraught with danger if you do not do your homework. At EastCoast Human Resource Group we work hard to satisfy our clients, often resulting in success first time, every time. Our highly skilled professional recruiters tick all of the following boxes:

  1.  Engagement: We take the time to understand the key elements of your business and take a genuine interest in your business environment and the workforce requirements within.
  2.  Commitment: We set out a plan for completion of your assignment within an agreed time frame. Added to this, you as the client, determine the communication channels and how often you hear from your recruiter.
  3. Price: As a business owner, you have the power to bargain your way to a lower rate and we are open to negotiation. Just remember, if the time, cost and labour is not effectively utilised in the hiring process, the net cost of a bad hire can exceed twice the annual salary of that staff member.
  4. Trust: We understand that trust must be earned. Ask your recruiter what they know of the industry you work in, or how they will research it, and what they understand of the labour market. We take the time to ask plenty of questions to ensure an appropriate candidate is presented.
  5. Value add: We are willing to bring a range of value-add services to the negotiating table including but not limited to; job description preparation, interview strategies and templates, handle salary / rate negotiations, placement guarantee, information sessions for staff on workforce issues and preparation of recruitment policies and procedures.

By following these simple points, you can be confident in your choice to appoint EastCoast Human Resource Group as your recruitment partner. Ultimately, the savings in time, money and effort will be significant and the benefit of having another partner working for the goals of your business cannot be underestimated.

Our Permanent Recruitment services

We can help you source the best candidates for placements within your business. We take great pride in ensuring that we follow best industry practices in our end to end recruitment and selection process of our candidates for placement in blue and white collar industries. As our client, you can be assured of the quality of our candidates as being pre-screened and ready to go.

Our recruitment selection process is solidified through the following:

  • Skills testing
  • Interviewing
  • Reference checking
  • Online safety inductions
  • Police check
  • Psychometric testing
  • Validation of formal qualifications

At EastCoast, we pride ourselves on providing a great cost effective solution for any business needs.

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The sky is the limit

It’s no secret. Great staff can reduce your workload, add value to your service delivery, increase your competitive advantage and generate more profit – day after day, week after week! A modest investment in recruiting the right candidate can pay dividends for years to come.

Evaluating Your Investment

How much is your time worth to you? How much time do you have to allocate to recruiting your next superstar? Your time is valuable and therefore it should be directed towards your business – let us take care of the tedious aspects of recruitment for you. The recruitment of trade and office support roles take an estimated 3-4 hours per candidate end-to-end. For management and executive roles,  this can take between 4-5 hours per candidate if its to be done properly. Extrapolate that over the number of candidates that you will need to review before arriving at your top three or top five pick and you will soon begin to appreciate the value of your investment when you work with ECHRG.

Experience counts!

Since 1986, we have placed over 10,000 people in temp, part-time and permanent work across Australia and regionally. Specialising in the recruitment of exceptional staff in Accounting, Engineering, Information Technology, Resources, Legal and Healthcare, we can also help you quickly find labourers, tradesman and other specialist blue collar workers anywhere in Australia’s increasingly competitive labour market. We guarantee to deliver people with more skills, more ability and more commitment.

To illustrate the thoroughness of  our vetting process, we have our white collar candidates undertake relevant skills testing drawn from over 800 available to us with our blue collar candidates undertaking WorkPro modules as required. In addition to skills testing, we also reference check and organise Police and/or medical checks as requested. No role is too difficult or too complex to fill.

Your clients demand expertise and so should you when it comes to finding the right people for you.

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