By Heidi Bishop, Senior Consultant

How’s that New Year’s fresh start working out for you?

Well here at EastCoast Human Resource Group we are nearly at the end of the financial year. Wait, what? Well didn’t that time just fly by!

The optimism with which we all entered the New Year has either gained in momentum or diminished slightly. If you’re in the latter category, read on. If you’re on a soaring trajectory of enthusiasm, I’ll excuse you to go and revel in your success and not take up any more of your time.

For those of us who are getting that unnerving feeling that positivity is waning, that things aren’t quite as bright as they were at the start of the year and you’re developing a sense of déjà vu related to the frustrations we all had at the end of a very long 2016; you are not alone.

I can recall with fondness (and a little wry smile), the annual school newsletter I would receive by about week nine of term one when each of my children started their educational journey. It was the same message each time. The principal would dutifully put a positive spin on how to encourage ongoing attendance for recalcitrant preppies who were already ‘completely over’ the experience of going to big school. Never mind the long awaited anticipation of going to school, the wearing of purchased school uniforms anywhere and everywhere before the actual start of the year and of course the happy smiles of the first day at big school. It had all crumpled for some children within a matter of weeks. The reality of their situation had set in. “Is this as good as it gets? This adventure of going to school and routine is starting to become a little tiresome.”

Full credit to the principal as he would also add some tactics to the end of his annual message to encourage parents and preppies alike to come to grips with reality, ride out the storm with grim determination and if all else failed distract the reprobate until the utopia of Easter holidays arrived. Come to think of it I did have a friend with a child that was a repeat escapee from the prep grounds but that is another story.

I am in no way comparing first time students in prep to the adult workplace or trivialising anyone’s circumstances, but rather describing a fundamental human condition – the reality of our situation will drop at some point for all of us.

So now it is time to take stock. Stop the slump before it gathers momentum, garner our enthusiasm and get ourselves back on track for our goals. Take some time to reflect and contemplate on what your gut feeling is telling you is not well. Is it simmering staff tensions? Is there a lack of communication to facilitate growth and job satisfaction? Is there a lack of team cohesiveness? Are you chasing your tail and everyone else seems to be happily plodding along without a care in the world? Are your goals relevant or even in place? Are professional relationships going south?

Once you can name it you can fix it. The hardest of all core issues to identify and name are usually those concerns involving interpersonal skills or behavioural matters. Often when it comes to simmering interpersonal issues they can be confronting to deal with for many people and so they are left to ‘sort themselves out.’ In all of my years of human resource and people management there has never been a situation that gets better or resolves itself through inaction, quite the opposite in fact. It will escalate – there is nothing surer in my world of HR.

So if the source of your lack of momentum, energy and enthusiasm revolves around seemingly indefinable interpersonal issues ask yourself these three questions – What is this person doing or not doing? What should they be doing? Is it affecting others e.g. work colleagues, clients, customers or yourself? The answers will allow you to come to grips with the reality of your situation so you can devise a plan to address the issues or at least be able to seek advice and support from experts.

Here at EastCoast Human Resource Group, we can provide support for your business ranging from end to end recruitment, human resources and performance management frameworks and policies and advice, outsourced payroll functions, coaching, mentoring and training. We back that up by providing practical and educational Employment Relations workshops.

Our Masterclasses are designed for business owners, people leaders and those with a human resource focus to enhance skills, provide tips, tools and techniques across a wide range of subjects. Our Everyday HR Conversations, Managing Workplace Behaviour and Risk and Addressing Behavioural Risk in the Workplace are highly recommended programs to equip you to address those issues that aren’t aligning with the achievement of your goals and overall success in 2017.

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