You would have to be living off the grid and possibly in a self-sufficient rural community outpost to have not been inundated and absolutely smothered with the media campaign storm that is the lead up to any federal election.

I believe that everyone’s political position and their particular preference of party or agenda is absolutely theirs to own and I respect everyone’s right to vote aligned to this.

One thing that has got me fired up though is one particular party’s advertising campaign that purports the blanket insinuated suggestion that Labour Hire is the downfall of workers everywhere…..and worse, if the advert is to be believed, should you find yourself placed into Labour Hire, it is assumed you are forced to take this option with no say, not treated fairly, possibly underpaid and undervalued.

We are the home of small business on the Sunshine Coast and even wider nationally, small businesses make up a large number of businesses in Australia.   The use of temporary staff or Labour Hire was designed to enable businesses to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations.

For those businesses that find this beneficial, aligning with an Agency allows the Agency to speculatively be recruiting aligned to the businesses skill needs on an ongoing basis and the value is that they get to have fully vetted and capable staff ready to go when needed creating a seamless and easy solution for the business as they don’t need to recruit directly.  It’s also a win win because it’s a great opportunity for the candidate to showcase their capability – with the potential of being offered more permanent arrangements should they arise.

Labour Hire Licencing was introduced to protect our industry from providers who deliberately and immorally set out to deliberately underpay workers or who in some cases that I have seen, claim to be a reputable provider of services, engage the worker, collect the money from the Client, don’t pay superannuation guarantee obligations and never pay the worker!

These types of shonky business operators do not represent our industry.  They, like many other industry sectors will and do experience are con artists and this is not just unique to, or found only in our sector.

At EastCoast HR Group we welcomed the Licensing regime even though it was another annual cost that our boutique Agency had to bear, because we knew that we were already 100% compliant to legislative and RCSA (Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia and NZ) guidelines and by becoming a licenced provider were committed to continuing to provide employees and job seekers with genuine, ethical and sustainable work opportunities.

I have to share that we are equally ecstatic when our on hired employees get more permanent offers of employment because we know that our efforts have helped put food on a local families table.

My charter with this blog is not to sit on a political soapbox but to try to assure and reassure those considering taking on Labour Hire that you can and do gain benefits from this type of employment engagement.

If you are a business owner considering using Labour Hire, be mindful that while the Agency is the employer and they are placed with you in an on hire arrangement, a professional Agency (like EastCoast) will:

  • Expect that you will adhere to the job specifications provided for the assignment;
  • Will require you to adhere to your legislative obligations to provide a safe workplace; and
  • Will engage with you about how the on hired worker is progressing with regular check ins and care about the length of the assignment that was agreed to and casual conversion obligations applicable under the respective award;
  • Provide you with terms of business that outline the agreed terms and mutual obligations of the Labour Hire assignment including “what’s next” steps and associated costs of engaging in a more permanent arrangement;
  • Have high level candidate care standards.

If you are a job seeker and you have considered Labour Hire or you are engaged in Labour Hire arrangements a professional Agency will:-

  • Ensure that your skills, qualifications and applicable licenses are valid and meet the requirements of the role that you are being assigned ;
  • Have open, honest and transparent communication is maintained with you throughout the assignment;
  • Expect your commitment to the on hire employer and ask that you work faithfully and diligently representing the Agencies brand whilst on assignment;
  • will ask that you follow the workplace rules, safety guidelines, policies and procedures of the workplace;
  • will ensure your wages meet the legislative standards including where awards state that penalties and allowances apply;
  • will remit your PAYG and Superannuation payments on time and within guidelines.

Labour Hire is a legitimate employment opportunity and the old adage of try before you buy really does apply here. Those that are offered opportunities to commence in a Labour Hire arrangement are far more likely to get considered for more permanent opportunities when they become available.

By showing commitment to the role you are assigned, being reliable, and demonstrating a good work ethic, you have shown your worth and are absolutely in a far better position than being one of a group of paper based applicants.

For every employer who does the absolute right thing every single day, there will of course be an equal number of employers that don’t!  The message is do your research!

Align yourself with an Agency and brand that is trusted and respectful and you never know – you just might get your next exciting career role!


“I have found Jenelle at EastCoast HR to be the best at follow up of any employment agency I have contacted for work. She has matched the employment opportunity perfectly with my past experience in warehouse work and truck driving. She even rings you in the middle of your work opportunity just to see how it’s all going.  She is approachable and very good at her job.  For me personally, her assistance in getting work and following up has been the best out of all the agencies on the Sunshine Coast.”


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