Did you know the average person spends 86,400 hours at work? Were you aware that work forms the basis of our sense of identity, wealth and many of our relationships? How about this startling fact; many people spend more time researching and planning their next vacation than their career!

Did you know more than 60% of jobs are never advertised or that Job Boards on the internet offer far more vacancies than the “Situations Vacant” column in the local newspaper? How about this fact – networking is probably the best way to obtain suitable work!

Professional career coaching offers impartial advice, specifically targeted at your unique Sunshine Coast job requirements. We can provide the processes and support your work life needs for you to get the most out of it.

It’s now normal to change jobs every 3 to 5 years or even more frequently in some occupations. Guaranteed jobs and predictable career paths are a thing of the past. This means you need to become an expert at managing your own career – knowing where you‘re going and how you’re going to get there!

If you’re going to manage your career effectively, you’re going to need to know things like; your key strengths and weaknesses, what employment opportunities are available to you and even more importantly, what careers are going to make you feel truly fulfilled.

But how do you find out about options that interest you? How can you evaluate and decide on your career goals? How do you get that dream job now that you know what you want to do? How do you plan a job search strategy? Can you write a powerful letter of introduction to prospective employers? How good are your job interview skills? Is your resume up to scratch?

To successfully manage your career you need to know what you really want and are suited to so you can create a really effective self-marketing campaign. The skills, knowledge and self-understanding to direct and manage your career are rarely learnt at school or even at university.

Our career service is tailored to meet your needs and we guarantee immediate and long-term benefits including:

  • Clearer career direction and improved career satisfaction
  • Reduced periods of unemployment or underemployment
  • Career management & job search skills to use throughout your career
  • Improved life balance with the associated health and relationship benefits
  • Better long-term financial rewards
  • Confidence, personal development and success and career success!

We’re User Friendly

We employ highly skilled professionals with appropriate university qualifications and broad life experience. We’re as practical or as in-depth as you and your situation require. It’s your call. We guarantee to be friendly and helpful, trustworthy and confidential, to respect your hopes and dreams whilst assisting you to be practical in the real world and we’ll provide the tools, resources and processes to help you find your own answers.

EastCoast is pleased to be working in partnership with career strategy specialist, Peter Black to assist job seekers with their career planning needs. Peter specialises in supporting people to develop their career, from those who unexpectedly need a new role to those who seek a new career future but don’t know what it is.  Operationally this refers to applications, selection criteria responses, resumes, CVs, interview preparation, networking, social media (in particular LinkedIn), emotional support, working with recruiters, understanding the employment market, tactics for reaching all segments of the market, handling difficult circumstances (e.g. why is your last supervisor not your referee), confidence, building a contractor or consultant business.

For more information please refer to Peter’s website.

Our Risk Free Guarantee

We’re committed to providing you with a truly world class Career Service and like any intelligent business these days, we’re not happy unless you are happy. To eliminate any risk, we offer you a money-back guarantee – If for any reason you don’t believe we have really helped you with our service, let us know within three months of the date of our service and we will cheerfully and promptly refund your money in full – our only question will be to ask how we could have fulfilled your career needs better.

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