by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group.

Well hello and welcome to 2017! A New Year often brings with it the excitement of everything “new”; like beginnings, energy, ideas, enthusiasm and motivation – a fresh page so to speak.

For those of us operating our own business a new year often brings up the age old conundrum “do I try to do more with the resources I have?” or “do I finally bite the bullet and expand?”

Expansion often means the great unknown of bringing on additional new staff and wow what a scary prospect that is! Where do I start? What’s involved? What are my obligations? What if I get it horribly wrong?

Life and business are a giant series of “what ifs?” there are no guarantees. However, doing some research, seeking support and information from experts in their field and learning more about the “unfamiliar” will provide you with better foundations for success. Whilst there is nothing wrong with “let’s see where the universe takes us” kind of approach to life and business, I’ m more a subscriber to the ethos, “to be informed is to be empowered.” This viewpoint doesn’t equate to placing blinkers on and being so focused on one goal that potential opportunities are missed, it’s more about building a knowledge bank and understanding risk so you can confidently move forward, make decisions and ultimately take that leap of faith.

Plenty of other entrepreneurs have all faced the same conundrums along the often rocky pathway to success. Those who have sought out information, gained knowledge and engaged subject matter experts have been far more successful than those who have not.

So if you are contemplating the big leap of faith and engaging a new employee, do it with the support of a like-minded business. Here at EastCoast Human Resource Group, we pride ourselves on servicing small business on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years when it comes to recruitment, talent management, HR advice, payroll services, training, coaching and mentoring. We can provide peace of mind either through end-to-end recruitment services or participating in our Master Class training programs including:

  • Recruitment – aimed at building your skills and confidence and reducing risk when it comes to the recruitment process; and
  • Employee Relations 101- aimed at gaining a greater understanding of your obligations as an employer and the broader context of the Industrial Relations system

Please visit and learn more about what we offer in terms of services and the Masterclasss  series by visiting our training page or call us on (07) 5443 6022.