EastCoast HR Group (ECHRG) has supplied the program information to provide participants with foundations to enhance their own Human Resource knowledge, Policies, Procedures or Processes. ECHRG is not distributing professional medical advice; therefore neither the content of any discussions nor the contents of any documents supplied as part of the program are to be used as such.

Participation in this program will not qualify participants to diagnose or treat any mental health conditions. Any information and procedures provided or discussions held are from a Human Resources perspective and not professional medical advice.

Whilst the utmost care has been taken in producing this information, Federal and State laws may vary. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the specific laws in your State. It is especially important that you keep up to date with the Fairwork Act as well.

Although every effort has been made by ECHRG to ensure that the information contained programs is correct at the time of publication, ECHRG accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies. Any action taken by a participant or other party reliant on program information is taken at the sole risk and expense of that party. The information contained in program materials is based on the practical Human Resources views of ECHRG.

It is recommended that you seek professional legal advice when implementing any Mental Health policies, procedures or handling individual employee situations.