There are many ways to Celebrate Christmas ….

Christmas is a time of year where we all like to celebrate different traditions. Some traditions might be culturally driven, some by religious beliefs and others may be more of a quirky family tradition or we simply shout “Ba Humbug” and take a break from society for a couple of weeks to avoid it all.

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Fair Work Changes to Protect Vulnerable Workers

The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 came into effect on the 15th September 2017. This means new, higher penalties for breaches of employee record keeping and ‘serious contraventions’ of workplace laws (this includes breaches of the National Employment Standards, Modern Award provisions, Enterprise Agreements, National Minimum wage and the method and frequency

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Start the conversations

Right so let’s recap our last few blogs and action items -you’ve become more engaged in your life and given up your seat on the “I’m so busy being busy” bandwagon, you’re enjoying a more balanced state of mindfulness, enriched relationships  and enhanced overall health and well-being. In addition to all of those amazing benefits

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Are you ok?

Following on from our call to action in our last blog, what decisions and changes have you made to facilitate personally getting off the “busy being busy” bandwagon? Making the decision to prioritise where you spend your time, energy and focus is no doubt paying dividends right now with improvements to your overall health and

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Let’s just take a moment…….ahhh doesn’t it feel good to just “be”?

It seems like there is a growing epidemic of “I’m so busy, being busy” in our workplaces, home lives and society in general. The constant fast pace of our modern lives is not only exhausting but it can have a direct effect on our individual health and well- being along with impacting our significant relationships.

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Are you compliant?

By Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been very busy over the last few months conducting their four yearly review of Modern Awards along with their annual review of minimum wages. Do you know what the correct payments are for your award covered employees? I’m sure we can all recall

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Getting the best ROI with training

By Heidi Bishop, Senior Consultant, EastCoast HR Group Everyone loves a day out of the office at a training workshop. It’s a chance to get away from your desk, away from the emails or from a pesky routine to enjoy a never ending selection of delicious tea and lunch treats, along with more coffee and

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How you doing?

By Heidi Bishop, Senior Consultant How’s that New Year’s fresh start working out for you? Well here at EastCoast Human Resource Group we are nearly at the end of the financial year. Wait, what? Well didn’t that time just fly by! The optimism with which we all entered the New Year has either gained in

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Are you investing in You Incorporated?

By Michalle Faulkner, Managing Director Throughout my working career I have spent many years in mentoring roles supporting other business women and new start up business owners and we often talked about and focused on the brand of “you”. Whether you are a business person, a job seeker, or an employee that’s looking for the

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FWC’s review of penalty rates

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. The Fair Work Act provides that the Fair Work Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards predominantly to decide whether or not a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objectives. The decision announced on 23 February, 2017 to reduce in many cases,

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