Are you compliant?

By Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been very busy over the last few months conducting their four yearly review of Modern Awards along with their annual review of minimum wages. Do you know what the correct payments are for your award covered employees? I’m sure we can all recall

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Getting the best ROI with training

By Heidi Bishop, Senior Consultant, EastCoast HR Group Everyone loves a day out of the office at a training workshop. It’s a chance to get away from your desk, away from the emails or from a pesky routine to enjoy a never ending selection of delicious tea and lunch treats, along with more coffee and

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How you doing?

By Heidi Bishop, Senior Consultant How’s that New Year’s fresh start working out for you? Well here at EastCoast Human Resource Group we are nearly at the end of the financial year. Wait, what? Well didn’t that time just fly by! The optimism with which we all entered the New Year has either gained in

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Are you investing in You Incorporated?

By Michalle Faulkner, Managing Director Throughout my working career I have spent many years in mentoring roles supporting other business women and new start up business owners and we often talked about and focused on the brand of “you”. Whether you are a business person, a job seeker, or an employee that’s looking for the

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FWC’s review of penalty rates

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. The Fair Work Act provides that the Fair Work Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards predominantly to decide whether or not a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objectives. The decision announced on 23 February, 2017 to reduce in many cases,

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Welcome to the world of work!

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. Congratulations to first timers entering the workforce in 2017 and welcome to the reality of gainful employment for the next 40 plus years! A few of us in the office were chatting about how exciting it is for graduates of 2016 embarking on their careers and joining

New Year, new opportunities

by Heidi Bishop, Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group. Well hello and welcome to 2017! A New Year often brings with it the excitement of everything “new”; like beginnings, energy, ideas, enthusiasm and motivation - a fresh page so to speak. For those of us operating our own business a new year often brings up the

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So this is Christmas

by Heidi Bishop - Senior HR Consultant, EastCoast HR Group As we hurtle towards another Christmas take a moment to reflect that this may not be a season filled with joy and sparkly things for everyone around us. That is not to take the shine off your preparations, expectations or celebratory mood, it’s just that

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To be informed is to be empowered

My husband has a wonderful relaxed attitude and often when issues crop up can be heard to say, “I’m sure everything will be alright”, “don’t stress”, or “no point worrying about it, what will be, will be”. When talking with clients we also sometimes hear this same very relaxed philosophy toward staffing matters and their

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Let it go, let it go

As any HR practitioner will tell you, a lot of our time and energy is often spent on conflict be that mediation, dispute resolution or providing performance counselling with employees around workplace behaviours. While this is not a pleasant experience for the employees involved, it’s made much easier when the parties are genuinely self-reflective, can

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